Dreamland Amusement & Water Park Rides

Multi Lane Slider

There is also a multi slide consists of 2 lane & 165 feet length which specially for the adventurer.

Ramp Slider

This yellow color slide is also well known as a dry slide. It is like a magical thing.

Kids Pool

This is the best attraction to the children. In four platform there are child slide, Tunnel, Craddle & Shower etc.

Family slider

The slider consists of 15 feet height and 12 feet breadth. Through which one can alone or with family members can jumps to the water and feels an exciting sensation.

Typhoon Tunnel

The Typhoon Tunnel riding is a feeling of roaming sensation. When one will float with a boat in half crystal clear tunnel.

Wave Pool

We have the greatest wave Pool of the country. The thrill is that you will find here the feelings of real ocean.

Game of Danger

Enjoy breathe taking Motor Cycle riding by sub continent famous Motor Cycle sportsmen in "Game of Danger".

Roller Coaster

It is an amusement of high degree thrill for strong hearten person. It is a ride of 350 feet length and 15 feet high.

Musical Fountain

One will find here in "Dreamland Park" one of the biggest musical fountain with 10 raw display in which the visitor can enjoy

Bumper Boart

It is also a tempting arrangement like Bumper car. But the difference is that it run through water.

Bumper Car

It is convenient for 10 to all aged person for its tempting amusement to both male & female. And one cannot but ride it again & again

Video Games

It is an attraction to the children. The various games give joy to the curious children.

Sky Train

It is one of the greatest attraction of the Park. It has six hundred feet long track which crosses the whole Park. This is why the rider can see all attractions of the Park and can decide their preferable things to enjoy before hand

Merry Go Round

Its dimension is 5.5M. It is an attractive arrangement to the child rider.

Ferrish Wheel

It is a wide spread wheel with the seat capacity of 54 persons.